“I had a shitty life till I was about 17. I sat in my room for 90 per cent of the time. I’d go home after school, play my guitar and listen to music. The States seemed so big to me that I thought I’d never leave the region. At a younger age, everything seemed so simple and easy, I thought I could be President. By the age of nine, I pretty much gave up any idea of ever even surviving the age of 21 because I felt so completely alienated. I probably alienated myself more than the other way round. I was always trying find someone who liked art or music, but it was always sports.”
Please know that I’m sorry for all the shit that I’ve said
And for not being able to get you out of my head
I’ve always been bad, always have sucked at goodbyes
But man, just know that I’ll love you until the day that I die
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Tom Odell (a due centimetri dalla mia faccia) fuori dai Magazzini Generali di Milano.
9 Marzo 2014
Music is what feelings sound like. Tom Odell (via laura-pt)
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"I had stars in my lungs but I burned them all out with the cigarettes I was smoking to get you the fuck out." [A mix for heartbreak, loneliness, etc.]
[Spotify] x [8Tracks]
01. A Case Of You - James Blake // 02. Broken - Jake Bugg // 03. Tired Of You - Foo Fighters // 04. Another Love - Tom Odell // 05. We Never Change - Coldplay // 06. Liar - It Takes One To Know One - Taking Back Sunday // 07. Shame - The Dear Hunter // 08. Empty - Ray LaMontagne // 09. Summer - Real Friends // 10. Breaking Hearts - James Vincent McMorrow // 11. Amnesia - 5 Seconds Of Summer // 12. I Was Broken - Marcus Foster // 13. Smother - Daughter

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My bedroom at night

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